Buffalo Cauliflower

Something I always shoot for but struggle with is meatless meals. I have had stretches of pescatarianism, vegetarianism, even veganism. Somehow it just will not stick for more than a few months. I think I am too obsessed with variety. Plus since I was the pickiest eater as a kid vegetables do not provide the […]

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Simple Whipped Cream

There are certain universal pleasures in life: noticing that flowers are blooming at the end of winter, finding surprise money in your pants pocket, and topping a dessert with a fat helping of whipped cream. When I was a child my mom was all about Cool Whip, especially strawberries dipped in the fluffy stuff. While […]

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Sriracha Pimento Cheese

When people think of southern food they normally think about super heavy, fatty, artery-clogging feasts. While in many cases that is extremely far from the truth there are dishes where that is exactly the case. Exhibit A: pimento cheese. Pimento cheese is one of those old school southern dishes that seemed to be a bigger […]

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Pasta Carbonara

Over time pasta carbonara has become one of the most controversial dishes out there. You would think with a simple preparation of pancetta, egg, parmesan, and black pepper it would not be a big deal. However not too long ago I read an article about Nigella Lawson posting her recipe for the dish on twitter, […]

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Fresh Pasta

Ever since I first got into cooking there has been one item that ruled my culinary bucket list, creating fresh pasta. Any time I would eat at an Italian restaurant that uses house-made pasta the dish would automatically become a bowl of heaven. It is almost kind of funny to think about, because pasta is […]

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Bacon Ramen

I have an intense love of ramen that dates back to when I was in middle school. I was sleeping over at my best friend’s house and for lunch her mom made us grilled cheese and chicken flavored instant ramen, or as they referred to it, ray-man noodles. I later learned that ray-man is not […]

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Fudge Batter Pudding

Back in the 90s when I was a small child there was one food I craved above all else. My mom’s fudge batter pudding. The dessert is like a chocolate lava cake with emphasis on the lava part. Just picture, you pull a dish out of the oven and it looks like a super-sized chocolate […]

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Steak Dolly

Steak Diane, one of those old school steak house dishes that were once seen as the height of elegant dining, but has since become stale. Do not get me wrong, there’s nothing to dislike about steak topped with a sauce made out of mushrooms, booze, and cream. The problem lies in the same recipe being […]

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